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pay-per-click campaigns

Are you looking to advertise your business on Google? We have over 9+ years of experience in managing Google Ads campaigns. We have helped local services generate more customers; we have also helped shops expand online and generate more online sales. Contact our marketing team today to discuss how we can help take your business to new heights.

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PPC Packages

Get your business on google within hours.

Google ads are where customers search for a local service or search for a product to buy, and then your ad will appear on the Google search results when someone is looking. Whether the search is done via a mobile, tablet or desktop, one of your well-timed ads can appear, turning searchers into valuable customers.

Monthly PPC Management

The starter package is perfect for smaller companies who have just started or are new to Google ads.

£149 /Monthly

Enhanced PPC Management

The enhanced package is ideal for businesses that provide a more extensive range of services or products.

£249 /Monthly

Do I need a website for Google Ads?

Yes, you do need a website to advertise on Google Ads. However, if you haven’t got a website, don’t worry! We can create your business a simple landing page or a fully responsive website starting from £35 a month.

How much does Google Ads cost?

You are in complete control of your budget and how much you spend. However, we recommend a minimum of £150 every month to ensure you see a great return on your investment.

Can I track how much I am spending?

Absolutely! You will have complete control and access to your ads dashboard, where you will track how much you are spending, the number of clicks your website has received, along with the number of conversions you have received.


How do you charge for Ads management?

There are many ways agencies charge, the main variations are:

  • Percentage of spending budget
  • Depending on the number of campaigns and ad groups
  • Fixed fee plus a percentage of the budget
  • Fixed fee per month

Personally, we don’t like and never will take a percentage of your spending budget. As our job is to ensure we get you the best return on your investment.

It doesn’t provide us with an incentive to lower your ad spend. The more you spend with Google, the more activity your business will have.

This is why we charge a fixed management fee monthly.

Start advertising your business on Google today!